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The philosophy of the AW Convention Center is to give the best customer value for the most important moment by providing attentive service from beginning to end. The AW Convention Center has everything that is needed for successful management of events, including stateof-the-art ballrooms of various sizes, best menus prepared by chefs whose skills are equal to those of top-class hotel restaurants and wedding and party experts of extensive xperience who look into every last detail. Our party experts will help you lead all events, including business meetings, social gatherings, international conferences and grand event shows to a great success with their high international vision. Their attention to every detail will draw applause and satisfy all participants as well as hosts.


  • Total Area(m²): 33,000
  • No. of Meeting Rooms: 7
  • From Incheon Int’l Airport: 60min./ 60km
  • Subway Station: 5 minute bus ride from Line 3 Gyeongbokgung Station Exit 3 (4 bus stops away)

Meeting Rooms

Successful events require creative planning and flawless execution. The AW Convention Center has the Knowhow of leading every business event to a success. If you want to have an elegant and distinguished event, please contact AW Convention Center’s party experts who take pride in outstanding management of all events from preparation to completion.

① Grand Ballroom
The luxurious and impressive grand vallroom creates a highly refined, elegant atmosphere. It can accommodate up to 1,500 guests and is an excellent place for international conferences and large events help by political parties or corporations. Thanks to the high ceiling, stateoftheart sound system and advanced lighting equipment, in particular, it is also the most suitable place for fashion shows, artistic performances, academic meetings or seminars. It is bound to show the high taste of the hosts.
② Crystal Hall
The Crystal Hall can accommodate up to 400 guests. Due to its simple interior, the elegant and beautiful Crystal Hall creates a comfortable atmosphere. It is well equipped for international conferences, receptions, product presentations, etc. The fantastic hall atmosphere created by professional florist's sensuous flower decorations presents an ideal environment for events like wedding banquets, theme parties and launching shows.
③ Emerald Hall
The Emerald Hall, which can accommodate up to 300 guests, creates an el egant and lofty atmosphere with luxury marbles and emeraldcolored table setting. It is an ideal place for seminars, workshops, academic meetings, or small artistic performances.
④ Orchid Hall
The Orchid Hall has the luxurious and elegant interior and can accommodate up to 1,000 guest. It is a large banquet hall suitable for corporate IR events and a variety of parties. Since it can be divided into 2 sections and adjoins Chinese restaurant, it is an excellent place for parties intended for enjoying Chinese food.
⑤ Ajelia Hall
The Ajelia Hall has no pillar, marking itself a fine place for a variety of small parties. The beauty of the naturallooking fall seen through the window will make a fantastic background that can hardly be found anywhere else. Along with our finest services, it will make the parties memorable to all participants.
⑥ Iris Hall
The lris hall on the 2nd floor presents a chance to enjoy a beautiful naturallooking fall. At night, it creates a fantastic atmosphere supplemented by a high-tech lighting system. It can accommodate up to 350 guests and is an ideal place for corporate IR meetings, seminars, parents’ 60th birthday parties, babies' first birthday parties, alumni meetings, etc.

Banquet Service

① The Family Party
We have many happy occasions throughout our life time. The promise ceremony for becoming a beautiful bride, the engagement ceremony, the wedding shower serving for the thank-you party for those who congratulated on the engagement and for formal meetings between bride’s and bridegroom’s families, the wedding banquet and the thank-you party for those who congratulated on the wedding, babies’ one hundredth day par ty and first bir thday par ty, parents’ 60th and 70th birthday parties...The AW Convention Center has good places and a family party team of vast experience that will make every special day even more glorious.
② The Theme Parties
We create a refined party culture appropriate to the nature of each theme with our outstanding creativity and careful planning. IF you want to add a special meaning to your party and make your party and make your party memorable to all participants for a long time, please come to us. We will lend you the valuable ideas of our theme party experts.

dimensions and facilities

Name of Hall Location Size Capacity Cocktail
Area(m²) Ceiling Height(m) Theater Classroom Banquet
Grand Ball Room 2F 1,320 5 1,500 600 840 1,200
Crystal Hall 3F 683.1 4.5 800 350 300 500
Emerald Hall 3F 573.39 4.5 600 260 300 500
Orchid Hall 1F 1,135.84 2.7 300 100 700 800
Iris Hall 2F 335.34 2.7 400 180 180 250
Ajelia Hall 3F 289.8 2.7 300 170 150 250

resta urants and bars

Name of Hall Location Cuisine Capacity
Banquet Room 1 / 2 / 3F Western / Chinese / Buffet/ Korean 3,000
Harimgak 1F Chinese 200
Buffet 1 / 2 / 3F Buffet 2,500

Special Features

  • All holes holding relay system - Custom Services
  • Large Bus Parking Available
  • Wonderful surroundings (Inwangsan, bukaksan)
  • Free Parking
  • Alone building (ballroom)
  • Hold an international conference equipment
  • World Chinese yorimyeong point “harimgak” Operating